safety guidelines

Hello Parents and Adventure Kids Team!

I hope that this has been a great summer for everyone!  While we haven’t been able to do all of the normal camps and outings, I am glad to see that many people are exploring new ways to enjoy the summer while still staying safe.

As you all know Adventure Kids has not been able to safely open since the beginning of this pandemic.  We have missed all of the volunteers and kids that make up our church family.  Our church community is one of the most important communities that we can be a part of. Our purpose as a children’s ministry is to provide biblical teaching but to also to provide a God focused support system for our children, consisting of Christian adults and peers.  While we are able to foster learning at home it is very difficult to foster community.  In our current season our children are lacking the community the most, where they would normally have teachers and friends that would come around them, they are now entering another school year of distance learning.  It is for that reason that we are placing importance on opening the Adventure Kids ministry in a way that is safe but also able to allow for the building of Christian community.  

The last few months the Adventure Kids team has been exploring new ways to meet that will keep children and volunteers safe, while still allowing us to have fun together.  After paying attention to the recommendations of both the CDC and the local school system, we believe that we are now able to re-open the Adventure Kids wing as of August 23rd in a manner that will be safe for everyone.  I will be sending out volunteer invitations this week and posting the content for this month online for teachers to review.  Please keep an eye on your inboxes for that information.

We will not be able to open the Nursery, due to the inability to social distance but Early Education and Elementary classrooms will resume with safety procedures in place.  The Nursery room will be available as a Cry Room for parents with young children. If you are a volunteer that normally helps with only Nursery we have other volunteer positions that are available aside from the older classrooms we also will need dedicated cleaners to assist with tear down and check-in volunteers.  All church volunteers will be required to have their temperature checked at the door and wear masks covering their mouths and noses while they are serving.  We will ask that children wear masks but will not require it, due to age and maturity limitations.  We will encourage social distancing in the classrooms and will be limiting opportunities where germs can be spread.  We will also increase our cleaning procedures while limiting shared surfaces.  Provided below is a full overview of our safety procedures.

Adventure Kids Re-Opening Plan


Sunday, August 23rd


To provide biblical teachings on a level appropriate for them and to create a Christian community consisting of children and adults.


  • Check-in
    • One person will be assigned to the check-in iPad.  
    • Once they have completed check-ins they will wipe the iPad with disinfectant.
    • Temperature checks will be done at the entrance of the church.
    • Children will be encouraged to wear masks but not required.  We will have disposable masks available at check-in.
    • If a child is coughing, sneezing, or sniffling at check-in they will be asked to sit in service.

  • Classroom Cleaning
    • Wipe all tables and chairs with disinfectant cleaners.
    • Wipe all toys with disinfectant cleaners.
    • Mop foam flooring with Swiffer.
    • Carpets and Scuba walls will be cleaned as needed with cleaning supplies.
    • Trash will be taken out of rooms on exit.

  • Classrooms
    • Only Early Education and Elementary will be open.
    • Volunteers will wear masks at all times when caring for children.
    • Kids will be encouraged to wear masks based on age and maturity level.
    • To limit the spread of germs we will not be singing.
    • To limit the spread of germs we will be playing limited contact games.
    • Sanitizer available in each room.
    • Kids will be socially distanced by family units.
    • Toy bins will be alternated each week to give the virus time to die.
    • Minimize shared items. Any shared items will need to be wiped down. Elementary age children can wipe down shared items after each use.

  • Cry Room
    • Stream service into the rooms
    • Only a max of three families at one time